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Optima is a value-driven, disciplined, long-term focused investment company with a diversified portfolio of locally, regional and international interests. A small team of sector experts pursues the Company's pioneering investment strategy.

Travel Trade

In the same way that our guests feel at ease and enjoy our efficient, fast and professional services, our relationships with our partners resonate the same sentiment. We believe that every hotel is special and unique, We therefore carefully tailor and nuture the property in order for it to develop a personality of it’s own. Our heritage means that we are precise, secure and reliable, ensuring success. We invite you to get to know us and how we are becoming a preferred and most enjoyable, upscale hotel's company for guests, employees, and share holders.


Part of our the values has always been to conduct its business in a responsible and caring way, encouraging a personal touch in its relationships with all its stakeholders. The values of quality, reliability and care are fundamental in guiding the company towards sustainable business practices. For us sustainability is about meeting current needs while at the same time preserving and contributing to the future for generations to come. We are convinced that the combination of its values and global approach to sustainability will help the company to be recognized as a trusted hotel company.


We are committed to maintaining high standards of projects offers and opportunities, to our Partners and stakeholders keeping them informed about the business and how it is running.

Projects in wait for Investment: